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Sturgeon’s Revelation

[update 2024] I wrote this page way back when first started this blog. I have since looked into Sturgeon’s revelation a little deeper.

I’d never heard of the One Percent until I came across it while reading about Sturgeon’s Revelation on Wikipedia. Theodore Sturgeon’s revelation (/ law) was that “ninety percent of everything is crud/ crap”. Below is from p49 of the September 1957 Venture Sci fi mag.

Sturgeon’s Revelation. Attributed to critic & author, Theodore Sturgeon, who was referring to the quality of science fiction novels.

I did I little more reading up this chap, Theodore Sturgeon and his revelation – for a separate post perhaps.

My point though: Sturgeon’s Revelation likely applies just as well to content on the internet. Right?

The Internet One Percent

The One Percent (I’m talking about) is the one percent of internet users that create new content, leaving 9% editing/commenting on that new content and the remaining 90% just sucking it up.


Compound the One-Percent Rule with Sturgeon’s Revelation and it does not leave much new stuff that that isn’t crap spawning in the primodial internet ooze: ⅒ of a percent.

Mindful that I have historically been (and still am) a ‘lurker’, this website is my attempt to try and do my very little bit to add something to Human Knowledge.

The rules:

[update 2024] I crossed off 1 & 2. Over the last 5 years I have got nowhere near meeting AIM 1, and AIM 2) is knowingly adding to the ‘crud’.

  1. A post a week (give or take);
  2. Content does not have to be useful, just something.
  3. Stuff should be new, not just cut-and-paste. For cut-and-paste, I’ll just link to the site.
  4. Try to keep opinions to myself.

About Me

At home, I ‘have’ a superwife, a not-so-super dog, and a family in the UK. That’s about it. I do not really own a great deal.

I do actually have a job too – my current CV is here and this is me on LinkedIn. What I tell people I do is “Design all the bits you see on the outside of buildings – the money shot”. Whether or not that is what I ACTUALLY do is questionable

Steelwork and ETFE at Eden Park. I can safely and proudly say I literally ‘did’ everything structural engineering wise on the steelwork.

And me? Just a middle-aged white guy or hangs out in his garage. I was a (very) part-time (and un-photogenic it seems) model and represented GB at triathlon in a past life. I used to have dreams, passions, goals …. haha.

Look. I know it was a while ago, but if you don’t rest-on-your-laurels…who will? That was a great wetsuit (XTerra)