About Floating in the Clouds

About FloatingTheClouds

Be part of The One Percent

I’d never heard of the One Percent until I came across it while reading about Sturgeon’s Revelation, on Wikipedia.

Sturgeon’s Revelation. Attributed to critic & author, Theodore Sturgeon, who was referring to the quality of science fiction novels.

The One Percent (I’m talking about) is the one percent of internet users that create new content, leaving 9% editing that new content and the remaining 90% just sucking it up.

…I am not talking about the 1% who own 99% of everything.

To date, I have not contributed anything to the Human Knowledge: this website is my attempt to do so.

My rules are:

  1. A post a week (give or take);
  2. Content does not have to be useful, just something.
  3. Stuff should be new, not just cut-and-paste. For cut-and-paste, I’ll just link to the site.
  4. Try to keep opinions to myself.

About Me

At home, I ‘have’ a superwife, a not-so-super dog, and a family in the UK. That’s about it. I do not really own a great deal.

I do actually have a job too. My current job description is Principal Facade Engineer at Mott MacDonald in Auckland, New Zealand. What I tell people I do is “Design all the bits you see on the outside of buildings – the money shot”. What my job actually (increasingly) entails is  “paper pushing” on most days and “picking holes in other people’s hard work and livelihood” on mildly interesting days and actually “designing stuff that might be built” when the Blue Moon is out. Anyway. I am proud of some of the projects I’ve had a useful role one…and I do like the good bits of my job…it does not put me in the aforementioned  1% who own 99% of everything. I work for them 😉

Steelwork and ETFE at Eden Park. I can safely and proudly say I literally ‘did’ everything structural engineering wise on the steelwork.

Oh, and I’m a (very) part-time (and un-photogenic it seems) model and represented GB at triathlon in a past life.

Look. I know it was a while ago, but if you don’t rest-on-your-laurels…who will? That was a great wetsuit (XTerra)