Website of the Week: &what;

Hey. This page is more than 6 years old! The content here is probably outdated, so bear that in mind. If this post is part of a series, there may be a more recent post that supersedes this one.

&what;   Or in your browser, if you ever need a character that isn’t on your keyboard.

Three things I like about it:

  1. No ads, real simple
  2. It has a search box. So if you want a triangle, you search for NCR-code Δ  Just kidding, you just search for ‘triangle’. Here is one▲from a few options.
  3. When you find your character-of-choice you just click on it and it copies it to your clipboard for a quick [Ctrl+V] into Word, or whatever

👍 (bet you couldn’t type that on your keyboard!) from me.