Cosmetic changes

Hey. This page is more than 5 years old! The content here is probably outdated, so bear that in mind. If this post is part of a series, there may be a more recent post that supersedes this one.

I came across Wallpaper’s 2019 design awards. Found myself more enamoured the design and styling of website layout, rather than the various awardees.

Its a-less-is-more approach, which I like, and to celebrate this website being down for 4 weeks and my getting round to fixing it, I have made some cosmetic changes.

First off: I saw they did not have the (sharing) frills I thought were THE THING (I think they were at one time?). Goodbye sharing things: you early -10s bygone.

We have also lost the side navigation bar .

And I ‘grabbed’ a bit from/ learnt from them CSS-wise. I have tweaked things here and there, like the links (though I do think they need some hover dynamicism). Another time.