Curtain Wall on The PwC Centre, Christchurch

Hey. This page is more than 7 years old! The content here is probably outdated, so bear that in mind. If this post is part of a series, there may be a more recent post that supersedes this one.

The PwC CentreĀ is a newly completed office building in Christchurch. The facade is a glazed unitized curtain wall which was made in China and imported into New Zealand. As office buildings go (particularly in Christchurch currently) I think it’s a pretty good offering. The architect was Warren and Mahoney.

PwC at night (I am guessing) – cant remember which way is west

After having it on various to-do lists for the last 3 years, I finally applied to be a Member of the Society of Facade Engineering. To do so I had to write a technical report. As I was involved in the design of the PwC Centre facade, it seemed a good candidate for the report.

Technical Report