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It was my 38th birthday last week…which I thought meant I’m pretty much I’m halfway there. Not quite. According to this, my estimated expectancy¬†is 99, with a 75% chance of getting to 90. Anyway. That IS an aside, I am droning on ūüėČ My wife got me a drone. It came as a box-of-bits from Ace Company¬†in Rotorua.

I do not know a great deal about drones, but from what I gather this is a race drone: fast and light.

HyperLite EVO HD 5″ Frame. Kind of cool – laser cut from carbon fibre sheet.

What’s in the box?


Box One (The Drone)

  1. Unassembled HyperLite EVO HD 5″ Frame (with 4mm Arms)
  2. 4# Brotherhobby Tornado T2 2206 2600kv motors
  3. 4# Spedix ES25A Speed controllers
  4. Revolt V3 Flight Controller
  5. HUB OSD8-SE X Type PDB/OSD current sensor
  6. FrSky XM+ Micro 16ch SBUS 2.4Ghz Diversity Receiver¬†… Maybe? Except for mine just says XM (no plus) and it has one antenna, not the two shown in the photo
  7. 2# Hydra 1300mAh 14.8v Lipo Battery (4S). The battery in the link is 1500mAh, mine are 1300mAh
  8. Low Voltage Buzzer for 1-8s Lipo Battery
  9. Team Racekraft 5045 Tri Bluntnose Racing Props 4 pack (2CW, 2 CC)
  10. Some strap things – think they are battery straps.
  11. Various bits and bobs: heat-shrink tubing, nuts and bolts etc.

Box Two (Battery Charger)

Box Three (Remote Control Unit)

What’s not in the box(es)

  1. A list of what was in the boxes
  2. Instructions
  3. A camera – Zoe said that getting this kit-so-far nearly broke the bank.

Next Step: Build it.


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