Glass-Explore: Thermal and optic properties of double-glazing

I have written a little webapp, Glass Explore, that calculates the thermal and optical properties of double-glazing architectural glass. The properties are calculated depending on your choice of glass, manufacturers’ coatings and gas cavity.

The app is at

The website runs a little slow: the reason for this is that the code needs some optimization, but (more so) because it is running on the lowest-rung server tier the host offers, so computational resources are limited.

Current limitations (it’s a work-in-progress)

  • Layout not optimised for mobile (yet)
  • Glass explore is limited (currently) to double glazing with a coated/coloured outer layer and a clear (or low iron) inner layer.
  • Glass properties are calculated for vertical glazing.
  • Calculations are currently to US-based standards and environments