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I have access to Adobe Premiere Pro and have always felt a little overwhelmed by it (the software) and, creative-wise, the additional dimensions of time and sound. Compared to playing with a single image in Photoshop, getting anything good going with Premiere has seemed to take an immense amount of time and effort.

Anyway – the video in my last post of my quad-drone (with GoPro duct-taped on the nose) crash landing was kind of cool, so I decided to step out of my GoPro Quik easy video editing software comfort zone and try and get -wade- into Premiere a bit. The video above is what I ended up with.

Is it me or is premiere just a little counter-intuitive? But you are dealing with quite a few ‘dimensions’ and reducing that to a 2D screen UI is always going end up with complexity right?

I followed this tutorial about time stretching.

Time-stretching panel in Premiere. You can see where I speed things up and slow them down (at the end)

Music is royalty-free song, Better-Days from not exactly synced, but better than a buzzing drone.

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