Wavefront OBJ importer for plot.ly Dash

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To cut a long story short*… for those of you that use (1) Python and (2) plot.ly Dash and I’ve written a package to help import OBJ 3D files** into the Dash framework’s 3dmesh graphs. Hopefully useful if you what to show data a little more contextually, or use OBJ file format as the way to encapsulate (architectural) data

* The story of why I threw the towel in on this blog.

** Import OBJ 3D files with a lot of restrictions – see GitHub repo

Docs for its use a little light on the ground, but the package is on PyPi, so you can import using:

 pip install dash-obj-in-3dmesh 

And the Github repo code does work as a Dash app, so if you have problems take a look at this, or contact me.

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