DIY CNC COVID-Recommission

A COVID-project: putting together the out-of-scrap CNC which has sat dismantled in the garage since we moved house.

No real hardware upgrades, just making do with what was in the garage, and being a little more accurate putting bits together so things are more square and tight. I am thinking I might buy a few more proper parts online.

Also got a lick of colour – use up some old paint.

Cutting a danger sign

EsltCam setup

This is more a reminder for me for next time.

I still find the stepper motors on all 3 axes still get upset and stall if feed-rates are too high, so set to 20mm/s, down from the 50mm/s default. My power supplies also have a little pot on them which changes their output voltage – I twiddled them all to max voltage.

Changed step/rev to 3200 (from 1600) on Z (with DIP switches) since EstlCam advised it to get ratio more aligned with X & Y.

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