Dog’s Head: Wax Cast. Take 2

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So I am using the lost-wax casting to make my aluminium dog’s head. My first crack at making the wax cast was ‘okay’ but there were bubbles and a lopped off an ear tip. I have had another go.

First time around I just used a big (paraffin) wax candle – melted it down and poured in it. I have done some reading around and proper-people use casting wax, which you can buy (ug!). Not sure what makes it different to other waxes. I came across an Instructable that gave a recipe for DIY casting wax: 10 parts candle wax, 2 parts hot glue gun ammo and a coloured wax crayon (?).

With my newly found comfort with Premiere, I made this Animated GIF. This is how you…er…stir stuff.

Green wax-slime poured into the silicone mould. Mould boxed out with wood to retain shape.

This is the thing-I-cannot-find-name-of that I am going to pour the molten metal into…

…and my sprues that gases etc come out of.

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