Double-sided Mirror Spotted in the (Chinese!) Wild

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This morning I came back from a one-night-stayover trip to China, to watch a facade being tested. It is a long way to go for one night: two 12-hour flights. I did get put in Business Class though and consequently got lounge access at Guangzhou airport.

As I had time to kill and it was pretty hot over there, I had a shower in the lounge. As I got undressed with the big bathroom mirror there in front of me, and bear in mind I had made my smart mirror and therefore had two-way mirror glass ‘on the mind’, I wondered if “pervert mirrors” were really a thing or just an urban myth. The thought passed and I got in the shower.

The bathroom mirror in the lounge

Then, I was brushing my teeth and I noticed something weird about the mirror in front of me. I could see something behind it. I tried to see through by cupping face with my hand to the glass. That did not really make a difference. Then I did the “is you finger tip reflection touching” test…And it was. It was two-way glass in the lounge in that Chinese airport!

The finger tip reflection test. Hum.

Difficult to take a photo of something behind two-way mirror glass. This is one – you can see the faint outline.

Weird huh?

Anyway, I don’t think there was anything sinister going on (well pervy anyway – I get the sense there is quite a lot of sinister stuff happening over there). I think maybe there was a TV behind the glass since I could just make out the frame, and we stayed in a hotel in Shanghai a while back with a TV in the mirror. Who knows if there was a camera there too though. Ha ha! (And for that matter the one in Shanghai as well).

From there on in I did play “spot the security camera” to see how much surveillance there was in the Chinese airport. I think they may have overdone it…

Cameras, cameras everywhere. What are they expecting to see?