Jon Amazing Jokes API (for Magic Mirror)

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Well, I think this joke is f-in hilarious. I did warn you, its ‘curated’ (by me)


I built a ‘MagicMirror’ a while back for Zoe. It’s been working well, and I have installed some of the third-party modules: the tides one and the jokes one.

But. Neither Zoe nor I were finding the jokes that entertaining – the module loads up jokes from online APIs, one which only serves up Chuck Norris jokes (which I don’t really get) and the other jokes like you might get in crap Christmas crackers.

I am sure there are a million joke APIs out there, but I wrote my own one – it’s written in Java and hosted on Google App Engine. At the moment it just populated with some of the jokes from this Reddit post.

I forked MMM-jokes on Github and added my API at I also did a bit of styling on the jokes.

To install on MagicMirror:

  1. Follow the general directions here for installing third-party modules, but use this address for the GitHub repo:
  1. In the MagicMirror/config/config.js file, make ‘jonsamazingjokes’ your api in the configuration for MMM-jokes.

Submit Jokes

If you have some good jokes, submit them here:

Or try doing it in the form below (its an iframe, so might not work).