ESP32 meet Science Journal. Science Journal, meet ESP32

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I’ve put together PlatformIO library for connecting ESP32 boards to the Arduino* Science Journal App via BLE (Android / iOS). In my case, the boards are 10# generic ones from Aliexpress. The code is on Github here.

* Previously Google Science Journal

It is by no means ‘my code’ BTW. All I have done is to refactor the code from this repo so you can quickly-and-easily to add it to ESP32 projects as a library dependency. Then you can graph and record sensor data in the phone app. Thought it might be useful in this library-form for others too.

Its a WIP.

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Analog and digital pin readouts in app connected to ESP32

Usage instruction in the readme, but in a nutshell and the following dependency to your platformio.ini file:

lib_deps =

Example here.

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