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Do you know what I love to do on Saturday mornings? I like to go out on my lonesome and listen to the weekly hackaday.io podcast while walking along Auckland’s waterfront.

Yeah yeah. It’s sunset, not sunrise. And sunset pretty much anywhere in the Universe probably looks great.
BUT … that is a volcano on the right, a city on the left and a beach.
New Zealand

I’d take my dog, but she does not like the-outside. Nor my wife (she meets me for coffee when I am back).

Anyway. Last Saturday morning, in the podcast I get a shout!

Well. That’s it isn’t it! Job done! Quite honestly it was just the smallest of nudges, compared to the mindblowing stuff other people do, but it was a nudge … and I kind of need it at the minute.

To celebrate, I designed a logo for this blog.

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