The One Percent: Success

Hey. This page is more than 6 years old! The content here is probably outdated, so bear that in mind. If this post is part of a series, there may be a more recent post that supersedes this one.

I started this blog/ website (does one still say blog?) with the aim to be part of the One Percent: To give (to the internet) rather than just take. I am WELL  aware (I can see on the WordPress stats)* that no one reads my posts – the site really serves as my own brain dump and memory “how did I do that” extension. But I have had tangible success in my mission!

I wrote a library (and Android app): it re-allows programmatic toggling of wifi hot-spotting in android Oreo. This needed some coding back-flips with Reflection, something I would only really ‘get’** if I had done Computer Science. Now, the app itself on Google Play has had limited downloads – that’s fine. Its listed as a library/demo and it’s pretty tailored, but…

As a new year’s resolution, which post-dates very closely the meltdown of my trusty old (but not a backed-up laptop) I resolved to put all my programming efforts on GitHub for all to see and edit. And All (well two or three) have -forks, questions, pulls; it is all there. Thank you World, I do not achieve much but feel I finally have.

And yes, turns out my one percent aim was not entirely altruistic (I writing with a warm inner glow). But that’s okay, right?

End Notes

* WordPress stats: Yes. I am talking/ writing to myself about my number of hits.

** Pretty sure I would have stumbled upon Reflection if I had not studied CS, just would not know the name of it, or ‘what’ it was (until I looked it up). More importantly, it’s our human-demise. Put AI and reflection together in a room and we are screwed (unless we just tell It that It’s fat, I suppose – but that does not seem like a great game plan to prevent the end of humanity).

Google (Alphabet), Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, US/ Chinese/ Russian governments….please, just don’t.