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RepRap Prusa i3

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My first exposure to 3d printing was working in the architecture departure at Auckland Uni. I was also working for an engineering consultants at the […]

Reprap Prusa i3 updates

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Have made some updates to my DIY printer. Whether all these updates been successful? Jury is out. Octoprint Power Supply Auto-bed levelling Cooling fan Octoprint This […]

Irritating RepRap

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The Irritation that is My 3D Printer If I had to write a list of things that I am finding irritating right now, it would […]

Reprap: Idea to Thing

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For all the disdain I throw at my little Reprap (see here, and here), the little machine never ceases to amaze me (when it’s working). The idea […]

Hello Reprap. My old friend.

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I watched the video below on DriveTribe and was inspired. The presenter found his first car and has taken it upon himself to revive it […]

Octopi: If it ain’t broke…

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In my last Reprap-Revival related post I went on about upgrading to RPi4 & wifi (from RPi3B & LAN) for Octopi. Subsequently, I have found […]

OctoPi plugin to control relays

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I started developing a plugin for Octoprint (more specifically Octoprint-on-RPi aka Octopi). It allows you to control relays on a Pi-Plates RELAYplate hat. See here […]