Reprap: Idea to Thing

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For all the disdain I throw at my little Reprap (see here, and here), the little machine never ceases to amaze me (when it’s working). The idea of it amazes me: A load of hacked together bits of MDF, wires and electronics can make a physical object. I have had a bike-light sitting around for a while – one of those things you constantly just move with the thought, “One day I’ll do something with that”. I have a lot of these things lying BTW, so the bike-light got lucky.

Bike Light, Today is Your Lucky Day!

I made a mount so I could actually fix it to my bike  (genius ;)). I think I actually found the light on the road – it’s one of those handy USB charging ones. Photos below self-explanatory, I think. Kind of magic that something in the mind’s eye just comes into being in the space of a couple of hours eh?

I could have just used duct(/Duck?) tape.

NOTE TO SELF: At some point put light on my bike.

The doodle I did at work while thinking about some worked-related-problem (of course)


The part in Inventor. Same-ish as the sketch except I knew the actual dimensions of the bike light.


New part with the light clipped safely in.

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