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I managed to get an AUX-IN going on my JDM 2006 Subaru Legacy’s OEM stereo…using the <AUX> button too. Hopefully useful to someone because there is a lot of discussion in forums about how to get and AUX_IN. Some are really convoluted but this solution is super-easy, cheap and logical. You press <AUX>, you get AUX.

Turns out the button, which seemed to do sweet FA can actually be used.

I bought one of these wire things (which I randomly came across) from WaveTech, Christchurch:

  1. Took out the stereo,
  2. Installed the wire ,which daisy chains between the socket in the back of OEM stereo and whatever-the-AUX-1 is (still TBC!)
  3. Now I have my phone music – Google Music, Spotify, whatever – when I press the <AUX> button. Job done.

Was a bit worried it didn’t work when first installed as hitting the AUX button still did not seem to do anything, then I pressed it again and ‘AUX-2’ appeared. I do not think this happened before. My music started playing.

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