Subaru Legacy AUX-IN

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I have had a great number of fails this summer. It has not been that productive. Pleased with this one though. I managed to get an AUX-IN going on the Subaru Legacy OEM stereo…using the <AUX> button too. I am pretty pleased to have worked this one out. Hopefully useful to someone because there is a lot of discussion in forums about how to get and AUX_IN. Some are really convoluted but this solution is super-easy, cheap and logical. You press <AUX>, you get AUX.

Turns out the button, which seemed to do sweet FA can actually be used.

I bought one of these wire things (which I randomly came across) from WaveTech, Christchurch:

  1. Took out the stereo,
  2. Installed the wire ,which daisy chains between the socket in the back of OEM stereo and whatever-the-AUX-1 is (still TBC!)
  3. Now I have my phone music – Google Music, Spotify, whatever – when I press the <AUX> button. Job done.

Was a bit worried it didn’t work when first installed as hitting the AUX button still did not seem to do anything, then I pressed it again and ‘AUX-2’ appeared. I do not think this happened before. My music started playing.


The new imported-second-hand 2006 Subaru Legacy is pre-, or probably more accurately, well into the iPod/ MP3 music thing but not yet the iPhone-thing. There is no discernable 3.5mm AUX-IN socket. There is a hard disk, a minidisc and a 6-CD w/ MP3 changer. Would have killed-it at the time, but all kind of redundant now, eh?

The RoidMi. Kind of cool. Bluetooth, USB charger and FM transmitter combined than fits in cigarette lighter. Beware though, it’s a weird cigarette lighter – I had to get an adaptor. A bit off since a car with this new lighter socket would almost invariably have BlueTooth fitted. Anyway.

Had been able to get by using an FM transmitter – I would recommend the RoidMi – but found in built-up areas the reception was bad/okay or you got interference from real radio stations. Not perfect, but workable.

Saw this solution from Grom Audio. Seems to be reasonably popular on Subaru forums, but pretty expensive and somewhat convoluted. It daisy chains between the CD changer and stereo and pretends to be one of the CDs or somethings. I didn’t really get it and I think it needs power too.

I had kind of given up and decided the RoidMi would have to do. I happened to (?) unscrew the stereo, for shits-and-giggles really to have a look at what was there.  Was actually trying to work out how screen and hard-disk interacted with the stereo. Failed to work that out, but got the model number for the Kenwood stereo unit and Googled that. Came across the WaveTech website – easy fix. I reckon the dealers selling the car should offer this when they flog you it. Took about 5 minutes to install.

To Do

  1. Work out what the damned AUX-1 is.
  2. Install BlueTooth dongle to the new 3.5mm AUX-IN (I had a Logitech one but repurposed it in a vintage radio. Balls.). This will automatically connect to phone when car power turned on (so dont have to plug 3.5mm jack into phone all the time).
  3.  Work out the hard-disk thing…the point of the original exercise.


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