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A while ago we bought a new car – a JDM 2006 Subaru Legacy GT-B. It was pretty much right-on-the-money of what I was after, except the sunroof. I mentioned in a previous post the elusive Legacy STi. The other day, out of curiosity, I had a look into what this elusive car was and how it’s different to what I have.

This post at car scoop has the best description of what the Legacy STi is (or more correctly, the Legacy S402) with some good photos.

Looking through the article, the following set the S402 apart from what I have:


2.5L engine versus my 2.0L one. Can’t do much about that. Or can I…see below.
STi brakes – think they are rebranded Bremen performance brakes. Mine just has the Subaru OEM brakes.
Bilstein shocks – I have these. Red suspension – dunno.
Front tower bar – see below.
Rear version of the above.

The CarScoop article also mentioned:

  • Enhanced steering.
  • Some nice tyres.

Cosmetic Bits:

These bits I’m not so interested in. Some of them are quite nice’

‘+20mm’ flared arches/ fenders. Can’t do much about this. I like it though. My car is black so I say it all get’s lost in the shadow 😉 I do wonder about that little black tab in front of the rear wheel. Mine has those… well it has one: the other fell off and it in the glove compartment.
18″ 12 spoke wheels. ( I have 10 spoke_)
I lose my keys. I do not need this button.
I do quite like this carbon fibre (mock carbon fibre?) front lip.
Not useful, other than as a dog chew (assuming its real leather). Actually, not sure the dog would give a damn.


Aside from the EJ25 engine upgrade, it seems most of the stuff S402 has can be sourced OEM-new, OEM-second hand or as a non-OEM replacement. It’s just a case of how much one wants to spend, what I can do myself, and what is legal without requiring a LVV (Low Volume Vehicle) certificate.

It seems the easiest pickings are:

  • Exhaust (all the way through)
  • Cold air intake


Other than that, I am tempted by:

  • The S402 front diffuser
  • The S402 air vents on the above and behind the front wheels.

Of these, the first is the most realistically do-able. I did entertain the idea of making the vents on my 3D printer but the idea of hacking a hole in the body work for something that does nothing. Nope

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